I guess my work can best be described as "urban folk art".

My materials are mostly found on the streets of San Francisco or on road trips through Northern California or the Desert Southwest.  The rest are purchased or traded for at local salvage yards.  The tools I use consist of a mallet, a hammer, a rasp, some rifflers, some chisels, a drill and a band saw.  I am entirely self-taught, which has both it's advantages and disadvantages.  My studio is my garage, a space with no light or ventilation, where I can hear the tenants above me take a leak and the ceiling is actually two inches shorter than I am.  Somehow I think that comes across in my work.


Dogs.  what else needs to be said?



the totems are your basic post-apocalyptic idols, created to  un-named and forgotten gods, standing alone amidst the blasted landscape under a bloated, dying sun.


interpretations of mythological figures, known and unknown